version 0.8 - Something Went Wrong!

I got my signing certificate revoked and that causes all software signed with that certificate not to launch anymore. For good measure Apple throws in a lovely warning that says something along the lines of "This software will destroy your computer and eat your first born baby… throw it in the trash and rat to Apple about it"

Anyway. This happens for tons of mysterious reasons like running two builds with slightly different code and same version number. So you can guess that is what happened with version 0.7. I build the version, and I forgot to set my build back to Debug. As I played with my game, I got the warning and my certificate revoked and all previous versions stopped running too. 

Other than that, I did do some enhancements to Lyrics. I decided to ignore the event types and just parse all text and figure out manually what is lyric and what is something else, so now lyrics should display more consistently whether they were authored correctly or not.

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Jul 02, 2021

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