Version 0.5 - Help!

This is almost certainly an improvement

The main improvement to this version is added Helper Graphics for menu options. This is only done for drums at the moment but it will carry over to the other instruments once completed. Also it doesn't display all the available features available. You can invoke the Help by pressing Orange (that's the drum bass pedal or spacebar on the keyboard) while in the song selection menu. The Help is contextual for the section of the menu you are in and only displays the available inputs.

Help Graphic

Other improvements include Streaks in the score menu so you'll know how much you have improved since last time played. 

I also figured out a work around to Shaders breaking CAAnimations, so the tentacles now have a shader I had initially intended but never included it before.

The crowd volume slider also does stuff now. It works the same as the Preview volume and scales with the master volume. You can completely turn it off but it can never be louder than the song itself. 

There were also a couple other bug fixes too small to mention. 

Known Bugs: When the game first loads, if you move into song selection too fast, sometimes the Charter icon doesn't load and causes a crash. I can't figure out why it happens as I test whether the icon is valid before starting. In the meantime if you wait just a second before pressing buttons you can avoid this crash.

edit: Almost forgot, the list views now include the score for each song played. Another big fix is when playing random songs or viewing Play History or Added Songs List and going back to the Song Info screen, the song info wasn't updating, now it does. Finally after playing a song or interrupting it, you can high the Blue Cymbal to replay the same song again. 

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May 29, 2021

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