Ride and Crash, or Crash and Ride

I had the Ride and Crash MIDI notes swapped

If you use a drum kit with Noice and programmed it to match the MIDI notes I supplied, you may have to revert back. It's a small change but I had to make it to avoid confusion going forward. You might prefer it the other way anyway so it might not matter? Not sure by I've updated the infographic with the new MIDI note.

But that's not all. I also mapped multi-zone drum pads as well as Open/Close Hi-hat so you don't have to program the different zones to output the same note. This is only for Roland kits and not tested for all varieties. The full current mapping is as follow

38:  red         // Snare (head) *
40:  red         // Snare (rim)

48: yellow   // Tom 1
45: blue       // Tom 2
41: green    // Tom 3
36: orange  // Kick

46: yellow_c // Open Hi-hat (bow) *
26: yellow_c // Open Hi-hat (edge)
42: yellow_c // closed Hi-hat (bow)
22: yellow_c // closed Hi-hat (edge)

51: .green_c // Ride (bow) *
53: .green_c // Ride (edge) TD-3
59: .green_c // Ride (edge) V

49: .blue_c // Crash 1 (bow) *
55: .blue_c // Crash 1 (edge)

If this covers the triggers for your e-kit, you are golden. Otherwise try programming the notes, use a remapper like midiPipe, or contact me to see about adding in-game support for your kit.


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Apr 19, 2020

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