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version 0.9 - i fixed that thing
I fixed an annoying bug in lyrics - I was displaying "***" for when the singer is iddle, but some songs had iddle tags even when the singer was, well, singing...
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version 0.8 - Something Went Wrong!
I got my signing certificate revoked and that causes all software signed with that certificate not to launch anymore. For good measure Apple throws in a lovely...
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old bug finally crushed!
I finally fixed the bug that would crash the game when moving to selection at the start of the game. It was as simple as making sure a sprite texture was preloa...
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Version 0.5 - Help!
This is almost certainly an improvement The main improvement to this version is added Helper Graphics for menu options. This is only done for drums at the momen...
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Version 0.4 - Let me explain
I made a few mistakes in the previous version - I didn't apply the volume setting to the drum track in certain conditions making the drums too loud. Also the la...
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Version 0.3 available now
New background animation it doesn't do much for now but it will. I have plans for 2 types of backgrounds; ones like this one where the objects occupy the same s...
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100% more tentacles!
NO it is not anime! Added tentacles to the Details screen that indicate current selected instrument. Doesn't add much functionality, just a little mood enhancer...
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So Random
New Random feature - only on Drums for now. - But also, i got my certificate revoked again so if you downloaded before today, you'll need to download the newes...
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How do I get past this screen? I've tried pressing every button on my keyboard. Noice v0.4, macOS 11.2.2
started by Agnes Nutter, Witch Mar 29, 2021
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