A downloadable game for macOS

Noice is a Rock Band-like game for Mac OS - built natively for mac 

Minimum Requirements:
A Mac that supports Metal - https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT205073
Mac OS 10.3 or Later - Note 10.3  is untested as I don't have a machine running it. Mac OS 10.5 is recommended. Any bug reports on older OSs appreciated. 

This is in very early development with limited peripheral support. I quietly update this game very often so check back once in a while.  Noice will always be a free game, but I only play drums so support for other instruments highly depends on demand, if there is no demand there is no reason for me to work on them. You can help by spreading the word

Feel free to contact me if you need help getting started :)

Install instructions

NOTE: All of this will be more user friendly in the future but I'm a one man team and I need to prioritize my time. If you have any Questions/Issues feel free to contact me. More detailed instructions, including instructions in spanish on home website http://.artecolote.com/noice

Songs: noice supports phaseshift/clone hero folder structures but sound files need to be converted to m4a, aac or mp3. - sorry for the lack of ogg support, but I tried. maybe I'll try again in the future.  You can however Load and Test out the user interface without converting songs, you just won't be able to play them. You can also download this sample library I put together. Simple download, expand and place in the music library - Sample Library Download

Library: add song folders to ~/Music/noice/  (start game after songs are added, folders can be nested)

Roland TD3 is supported and other Roland Kits might work without changes - for other drum kits see midi notes below. You may also contact me with specifics about your kit if you have issues

NOTE:  (April 19, 2020) I swapped the Ride and Crash for the midi inputs


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