Quick Fix - and peek a boo

I made an error in the last update for quick mode. 

When 2 of the same cards were played, the third of the same card could no longer be played because I only accounted for 2 decks of cards. This has been fixed now and the game works as intended. The scenario is rare but it does happen. 

But there is also new improvements. Now you can click on the Discard pile to view the last 3 cards played. It's a simple thing but it matters. Lastly I've also added a heads-up help descriptions to the menu options. I want to keep the user UI is simple/clean as possible, so there will be a way to hide them in the future, but then that will get to saved preferences. Currently I don't save any cookies and I'm trying not to. I want this game to be completely non intrusive. 


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Jun 20, 2020

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