Quick Gameplay Mode

I've added a new Quick Gameplay mode (faster game not guaranteed).

This mode adds a third deck of cards but removes cards 7-10. Which allows for 3 playable spots on the board to play each card, allowing for more choices and making it quicker to Connect 5. But it also makes it easier for the opposing teams to block potential connections changing up the dynamics of the game. The rules to the game remain the same.

Aside from having more playable moves, there are also 4 more Wild cards added further changing the balance of the game. This mode has the potential to play out quicker but not necessarily every time depending on the strategies and luck of the teams. 

I've had this mode in mind since the beginning but I haven't tested it out. Hopefully I can get some feedback - right away I'm thinking I might have to reduce the amount of wild cards if it is too unbalanced. 

Note that this is only available when creating a room. If you go into matched game, only the standard mode is playable. 


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Jun 14, 2020

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