Who Won? Now We Know!

and how!

(update: just found out today there was a major bug in detecting Wins with the corner piece diagonally - i'm working to fix it)

We now have a Winner display… and a Connect 5 display. When a team Connects Them 5, a dialog screen pops up announcing it and also the connected tiles on the board change appearance to highlight the sequence. 

This changes how the rule of removing chips works. Because when playing on a physical board it is difficult to remember which tiles were part of the original sequence, all connected tiles are considered part of the sequence and therefor they cannot be removed with the red jacks. Because this is now kept track of in-game, only the original sequence is safe from removal.

When the required sequences are achieved, the game announces the winning team. 

Other cosmetic changes were added to achieve better legibility. Colors were tweaked, drop shadows adjusted and highlights were added. Also the Wild corners are now displayed in a different color to distinguish them from the playable tiles.

I've also changed the delay between turns to allow time to grab a new card. I actually removed the delay and instead the ability to draw a card ends when the next player puts a chip down instead of when they play a card. 

Please let me know your thoughts and don't forget about the discord server -> Inert Lab


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May 19, 2020

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