Board Layout Reshuffled

I changed the configuration of the game board and here is why.

When playing the game with family, I noticed that most of the chips were being placed on one half of the board. It became obvious why when playing my own card - the possible spaces to put my chip were exactly the same because the board was symmetrical. This greatly reduced strategy and decision making because once  you started on one side of the board, staying on that side of the board became the best choice. And it also became a little dull. 

So I made several layouts to fix this issue and make the gameplay more dynamic, but also kept the layout logical so it is easy to find the right spaces. I'm gonna make a few of these layouts available in the future but for now only one layout will be available. 

I also changed the Room numbers to 4 digits and non-case sensitive for easier sharing and typing. 

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Mar 30, 2020

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