Connect Them 5 is a fun family game of chance and strategy. It is best played in the same room but can be played remotely as well.

Minimum of 2 players required - there is no Single Player mode as there is no Computer AI to play against (yet)

Para Español - Aga click en la "?" 


Click the "?" in the top left corner for full set of Rules and Instructions

* There is currently no in-game Room/Game discovery or in game chat  (kinda - see blog). To start a game you'll have to communicate with someone you want to play with and give them the Room # you created, or get the Room # they created

DISCORD SERVER - You can find players by checking out the discord server. This is barely setup and there are no special features. Just meant to find other players. Click on the link below to join the channel, no permanent membership to the server required.

If playing with more than 3 people, Teams get assigned in the order players enter the room. 

There is also an option to only use the board and play with a real cards. This requires 2 sets of standard playing cards minus the Jokers. If there is interest, I  might support other cards, like Uno or Old Maid

When playing on a mobile device, some browsers  will not persist local data and a game progress can be lost if you close or switch browser windows - I can't really fix this, sorry :(

In the future these things will be improved 

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